Who I am

My uncle and I come from a small village near the sea on the Northern-East side of Sicily. Where we live there is not much tourism or activities related to crafts or handmade markets. So starting an e-commerce activity seemed to me a good opportunity to get us to know and share a little bit of Sicilian mood even many miles away.

For more than thirty years my uncle has been dedicated himself on jewels using different materials and techniques, from leather to copper wire. Whilst last years love for woodworking and for surrounding sea has certainly been stronger. Initially he has being made some pretty fridge magnets while  later he has being created also wall and desk decorations, inspired from the nearby Aeolian islands, in particular the isle of Salina.

Concerning myself, well, I’m not an artisan. I spent most of my life studying but I have strong motivation and curiosity. And above all I have female figures in my family, apart from my uncle, that guide me to improve day after day.

My aim is to use this virtual space to express what I am most passionate about, through my origins and journeys. Enjoy the reading!

Aeolian house paperweight