Textile jewellery

Le targhette colorate che scriverò a mano fanno parte del nuovo modo di impacchettare ordini e regali. Si accettano consigli naturalmente ☺️

Textile jewellery

Fabric t-shirt necklace collection


Knotting fabric yarns has become my favorite hobby to do when watching a film or a series. Sometimes I do also when listening to the radio. Starting in 2012 I have been making hundreds and hundreds of necklaces, short and long, knotted and braided, or just multi strands. Remnants can be cotton, stretchy linen, acrylic, microfiber so I enjoy the nuances and touching.

I was so excited when I sold the first one. It was during a Christmas market and it was a Christmas present for a friend. After moving to Malta few years ago, I sold some but because here summer is terribly hot and my stall was by the sea, I did not want to risk and damage them all because of humidity and salinity. So I have been putting all my energies on our Etsy shop since late 2017, even if we opened it back to 2013.

What I have found out through the years which one is more appreciated is the following type, easy and gorgeous to wear. You can twist it or either not. Try now how fun is making it!

4 t-shirt yarns of 100 inches each ( to get approx. 26 inches long necklace)

a nice button as closure

a needle 

some sewing yarn (same color of t-shirt yarn)


Tie a yarn keeping attention not to make tight knots but let them loose. While you are tying hold the yarn with the other hand, do not let it turning on itself. Leave about 1 inch of slack on each extremity, keeping attention on one yarn only to leave it a bit more, because you will use it to make a buttonhole.

When all yarn will be tied, put all of them next each other and check all of them. Make sure that all must have the same slack length except the one useful to make the buttonhole.

Now you can start sew them together, first from one side, then from the other.

Sew the buttonhole after checking the size of the button you chose. It should be not too big or too small to fit it and ensuring the necklace to remain close.

Sew the button on the other side.

Congrats! You did it!

Don’t be shy and text me if you have queries!

Look for (amateur😅) videos on my Facebook page: @mediterraneanartmt and Youtube

Wooden crafts

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Wooden crafts

Mediterranean Art

Buon lunedì!

Per molti la fine delle vacanze natalizie, dunque qualche giorno fa, ha coinciso con il triste imballaggio dell’albero e di tutti i decori sparsi qua e la per casa. Eh sì, è toccato anche a me, ma in modo un po diverso.

Intanto mi presento: mi chiamo Rosa, ho 33 anni e scrivo dalla Sicilia. Da circa due anni partecipo a mercatini di artigianato esponendo sul mio banchetto oggetti e bigiotteria fatti da me e mio zio. Sembra una cosa semplice ma non lo è poi tanto. Incarta, imballa, carica, scarica, monta, allestisci…si usano molti verbi in questa attività che sarà l’argomento principale del blog.

Dunque anch’io come molti i giorni scorsi ho chiuso nelle scatole gli addobbi, ma quelli che sono rimasti invenduti. Ho fatto una sorta di inventario e diviso gli oggetti per categoria. Cellofanato l’ espositore a forma di albero di Natale, ho fatto un pochino di spazio in una casa che a volte sembra più un laboratorio.

Mentre aspetto la primavera per trasformarmi nuovamente in girovaga, mi dedicherò al negozio on line su Etsy e naturalmente a nuove creazioni!