Textile jewellery

Knot fabric scarf necklace by MediterraneanArt


I have so much fun knotting kilometer-long strands of yarn with which I create soft jeweled scarves finished with a button or hook.

Do you know what t-shirt yarn is? It’s a strip of cotton or acrylic fabric sold in big balls. It is mostly selvages, those side borders of fabrics that are discarded in the textile industry, and a genius (yes, in my opinion, it is) began to reuse them and spread the use a few years ago. You can use them in a thousand ways with your own hands or with crochet. You can find them both in plain color and print pattern in haberdasheries and yarn shops. Usually, each ball of the yarn differs a little from the others.

Generally to make a scarf like the one below I cut four strands of 3.5 / 4 meters each. I knot them one by one, then hand-stitch the ends and finish. The final length depends on the thickness of the fabric and how stretchy it is.

Some threads are thin and light so I prefer to make a necklace with many threads, others instead

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