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Multicoloured chunky knitted cushion covers handmade and eco-friendly

Creating a unique style in the home is easy when you have fantastic crochet cushions homemade by my godmother Francesca. She only uses recycled soft cotton yarn certified by a reputable Italian company. She is very good at knitting and opted for the envelope shape without zipping or buttons that can break or get lost over time. It was certainly more work for her, but the result is incredible, as you can see from the gallery of photos and videos.

Each cushion cover has made up of individual squares in bright colours, both on the front and back, then chained together. A cushion like this looks great anywhere.

It is a perfect way to add that eclectic touch and personality to the room.

Just a couple of these cushions can create the warm and vibrant atmosphere you desire.

With these unique details wherever you put them, you will feel an explosion of colour and originality that brightens up the whole room.

Their size varies from 40×40 cm to 50×50 cm.

Create retro boho chic corners in your room, a cosy space for reading or put it in your bed and enjoy watching a movie.

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