About me

I come from a small village near the sea in Sicily (Italy). I spent most of my life studying to become a librarian. That is why I moved to Malta five years ago. I have got a chance to learn how to make crafts and jewelry from my uncle and to sew from my mother. It all started when he gave me some colored fabric yarns, suggesting to make some necklaces. Since October 2012, I have never stopped sewing necklaces.

Since in the area where I grew up there is not much tourism or activities related to crafts or handmade markets, my uncle and I had the idea to open an e-commerce shop. It appeared to be an opportunity to get my uncle’s work to get known and sharing Sicilian creativity even many miles away.

For a long time, my uncle has been dedicated himself to jewels using different materials and techniques, from leather to copper wire. But his love for woodworking and the surrounding sea has had a strong influence on him. Initially, he has been made some pretty fridge magnets painted by his daughter. Then he has been created indoors and outdoors decor, inspired by the nearby Aeolian Islands, particularly the one called Salina where he spends summertime.

In this blog, I tell you the story of our creations and what surrounds me, shared between two fabulous islands of the Mediterranean.

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