Wooden crafts

How a gecko, butterflies, fish and sperm whales can make positive vibes at home


We experience the home not only as a comfortable retreat but as a place to enjoy ourselves and meet safely with friends and family, in person or remotely. Our domestic space is an extension of our mind, and surrounding ourselves with objects that have meaning and value is relevant, especially in uncertain times like these. It was the stimulus that my uncle Salvatore had, even before the pandemic, when he decided to focus his creativity on making original Mediterranean-style home decorations.
Working at his stand in tourist seaside areas, he listened to those customers who asked him for something more than the classic souvenir they found in all the shops. Something unique could remind them of the nature they had touched during their holidays and the contact with the island they had managed to establish. That’s why the collection of hand-painted animals was born. To evoke and remember in time the colours and smells of nature and Sicily. Each fish, gecko, or butterfly that my uncle works on is an individual creation. Read on to discover some of his treasures!

Hand-painted wooden decoration for desk, shelf, wall. Made of wood, cut and smoothed, it has been painted by hand with acrylic colors and then with protective varnish.
The gecko is a very common reptile in temperate climate areas and has several peculiarities that distinguish it: the ability to adapt and change colors, its legs manage to adhere to various types of surfaces and still the equipment of the voice instead of a hiss which allows it to communicate with each other. It is harmless but above all useful, in fact it feeds on insects, for its intervention it is appreciated in homes. For many cultures it represents adaptability, regeneration, strength and survival skills. It is also a symbol of eternal friendship.
Sperm whale made of wood cut and smoothed, hand painted with acrylic colors and then with protective varnish. Unique piece is very special thanks to the copper tail, obtained from scraps of other processes. Eyes are made from a nail and a leather disk.
On the back a string of twine will allow you to hang it in the direction you like most.
This rustic fish wind chime is a charming hanging nautical decoration carved and painted by hand. It is made of natural driftwood, painted fir and knotted cotton rope. Colorful and easy to hang on, it can be placed indoors and outdoors in a decorative way.
It looks like a bunch of fish caught by the village fisherman.
Our wooden fish is a beautiful accent piece that will personalize your home décor. The rope is macrame braided, while each fish is handmade by the shabby chic technique. It will amaze your relatives and guests, too. This decorative driftwood fish is a simple, yet thoughtful gift idea for any occasion.
These one-offs painted butterflies are colorful spring and summer decorations, carved and painted by hand. Easily place them indoor and outdoor in a decorative way. You can hang our fir wood butterfly as a beautiful accent piece that will personalize your home décor or your nursery. We did not screw a hanger behind it. We rather leave it to you to choose the way you most like to hang it. But you will find a triangle hook and nail in the envelope to be ready to hang it!