The light wool scrap : a handmade floral red loop scarf necklace

I learnt to make questions about the nature of things when I was a child, especially by the methodology approach of my history teacher. Cause and effect, existing connections, only thinking like that I feel to have a deeper understanding of a event or attributing a different level of significance to something. Another thing I learnt in my childhood and I try to adopt everyday are my grandma and mum lessons on recycling, especially on clothes, fabric and finishing. That is why I would like to say something on a necklace, or better two of those.

Gianna, a dear friend of my family, had been conserving for thirty years a scrap of light wool that her sister-in-law had given her many years before. They were times when people used to buy fabric at the weekly open air market or in the only two shops in the area that sold fabric and finishing, called “Cubo magico” and “Merceria Raffa”. Thirty years ago did not everyone purchase all his own clothes from shops, much rather they used to make themselves or order custom made clothes, especially for children and ladies.
I can still remember  when I was a child and I often saw on the kitchen table some tissue paper on strips of cloth of different sizes and some women of our village invited to sew with my mother or just to discuss how to finish or modify a garment. I liked listening to their conversations about a new issue of fashion magazines and patterns they swapped and also about fashion on “Postal Market” a printed catalog, thick as a phone directory, where they could find new ideas.

During last Christmas holidays, Gianna and her husband were invited for having dinner and we talked that nowadays people buy “fast fashion” because there is no time to sew just a single garment and consequently of new trends, in our area it is now difficult find cloth hawkers.
It was there that Gianna remembered to keep at home a beautiful piece of cloth gifted such time before. It was partially been used for a shirt but what left she did not know how to use it. As soon as she asked me if I was interested in making some fabric jewelry, I looked at my mother who nodded and I enthusiastically answered: <<Of course! I love vintage fabrics, they make you thinking and travelling in your mind >>.

And this is what my mum, few weeks later through her skilled hands put into practice. At first she took measurements claiming that this scrap was not suitable for something like this

because the fabric could put out of shape when beads go through, so she suggested to sew two loop scarves. We both thought to adorn them with some vintage buttons we keep in old biscuit boxes. Between the two we made, one is in America purchased as Mother’s day gift. The other is this one ready so you could be whom can continue this story…